What is the history of Pennsylvania State Constables?

Constables, in general, are the oldest law enforcement position in the world. In recorded history, records of Constables in France begin in 5th century, when they were known as the “Counts of the King’s Stables”.

By the turn of the 6th century they were called the “Chief Household Officers”, and commanded the military in the King’s or Queen’s absence. Over the centuries, Constables served many positions within the military.

In Pennsylvania, which was formerly known as “Penn’s Woods”, the first Constables in the territory began serving in the year 1664. In the year 1681, Pennsylvania officially became a Commonwealth, and in 1787 became a Commonwealth State of the United States of America.

Constables are the oldest form of law enforcement in recorded history of Pennsylvania. In fact, the first recorded law enforcement officer of Pennsylvania to be killed in the line of duty was a Constable in Venango County in 1825.

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