What Can A Certified Constable Do?

An Act 49 certified Constable can choose to serve the court system in much the same way as a Deputy Sheriff serves. Constables may perform any authorized service to the courts.

These authorized services include the following: service of arrest or bench warrants (ranging from summary offenses such as parking tickets to felony offenses such as murder), service of civil process, service and processing of execution orders and levies, service and processing of evictions, service of PFA and other court-orders such as subpoenas, providing of court-room security, and transportation of prisoners for various purposes (hearings, fingerprinting, etc).

A Constable also has “warrantless” arrest authority, meaning he or she may make a detention of an individual who has committed a breach of the peace or felony crime in their presence and upon their view. An example of this would be an individual assaulting another individual in plain view of the Constable.

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