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Prisoner Transport

PA State Constables possess the training and tools needed to safely complete the mission of transporting an inmate from one facility to another. We offer comprehensive and secure prisoner transportation services for agencies across Lancaster, PA and surrounding areas.

Warrant Services

The execution of warrants is one of the most hazardous, high-risk duties performed in law enforcement today. Our Pennsylvania State Constables are authorized to serve warrants and have the experience needed to properly arrest and detain individuals.

Paperwork/Process Services

You need a true professional handling your legal, time sensitive documents and serving them correctly. We are leaders in process and courier services in Lancaster, PA. We have delivered subpoenas, PFAs, landlord-tenant paperwork, domestic relations orders, and more.

Traffic Control

Pennsylvania State Constables are empowered to direct traffic. If you’re having an event that needs traffic control, we have the authorization and capabilities to assist vehicles in safely arriving and departing, and pedestrians crossing.

Landlord Tenant Evictions

Eviction is never pleasant but we can help you reclaim your property quickly and effortlessly. We make evicting a tenant as fast, easy, and inexpensive as possible for you. Our evictions services are available for landlords and property managers for residential and commercial properties.

Safety Escorts

Are you transporting a large amount of cash or valuables? Meeting someone for the first time? If you are concerned with your safety or want to take extra precautions, our safety escorts will give you the security you need.

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What else we provide?

Security Services

We are committed to delivering personalized, responsive protective services for the people and businesses in the Lancaster, PA community and nearby areas. This includes security services for residential, commercial, retail, and institutional customers. Security services are provided by Private Security Officers.

Event Security or Peace Keeping

Event security is need specific and different every time. We provide unparalleled safety and presence at a variety of events, including corporate events, weddings, professional sports, entertainment, political, and more. We have different officers that can provide event security or peace keeping duties. We work with both Constables and Private Security officers to offer you the right coverage for your particular needs.

On-Site Presence

We work with both State Constables and Private Security Officers to be able to attend to each clients individual needs.

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Since 2010, Pennsylvania State Constable Chance has been offering constable services in Lancaster County, PA and surrounding areas. He has performed many duties within the commonwealth, such as protecting polls on election day, providing courtroom security, performing prisoner transports, collecting fines, and serving levies and arrest warrants.

Constable Chance has also helped countless individuals and businesses serve legal documents, secure sites and events, assist with traffic control, and provide a variety of other constable services.

Most of these services are serious and potentially volatile situations. Choosing the right person to handle these situations is an important decision. Constable Chance is a true professional who has a proven track record and the experience needed to ensure the job is done correctly.

Constable Chance and StatePaConstable.com are leaders in Pennsylvania constable services and committed to the customers they serve. Our PA state constable services are offered in the following areas: Lancaster County, York County, Dauphin County, Berks County, Lebanon County, and Chester County.

Contact us at (717) 669-2387, email contact@statepaconstable.com or use the contact form on this page. We’ll be in touch shortly!

Constable Liability Insurance
Constable Surety Bond
Act 49 Certified (PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency)
Authorized, Experienced, and Dependable



What our clients say

Being a landlord, evicting a tenant is nerve-racking and one of the most stressful parts of renting properties. Since I began using Constable Chance for evictions, the process has become quick and effortless for me. He is very professional, reliable, and results-oriented.

Victor Perez Landlord

I highly recommend Constable Chance for on-site security. I hired him for security at a few of my construction sites. His work was detailed, he was dependable and always on time, and we had no issues while he was there.

Steve Moyer Owner


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